Friday, May 14, 2010

Father and Son Campout

Some friends invited us to go on a father and son camping trip with them at Ensign Ranch. I had taken Jacob camping there last year, but it was Andrew's first camping experience. We had a blast. We had gotten a new tent a few months ago and this was our first opportunity to use it. Jacob did a great job helping me set it up.
After dinner we roasted marsh mallows over the camp fire.
Our friend made yummy chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.
There was a rope swing tied to a tree close to our camp site. Jacob wanted to spend every minute swinging. He was pretty good at it.
We're looking forward to doing more camping throughout the summer. It will be fun to bring mom with us next time. --Kelly

Sunday, May 9, 2010


We went to my brother's house for a Mother's Day BBQ. It was a delicious meal with great company--a great way to spend a Mother's Day evening. For Jacob, one of the best parts of the visit was playing with the cousins' new chickens. Jacob loved running after them trying to catch the quick little guys. He would catch one and it would flap its wings and escape. Jacob would laugh and run after another one and try to catch it. He was trying to catch them all and put them in the coop. At one point he had them all in their little house. It was so cute. On the way home Jacob asked if we could get some chickens. I asked him where he thought we should put them and he said, "In the back yard of course". If you have ever been to our home, you know that there isn't room enough for chickens. It is too bad because they were very cute. --emily

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

Great Weather

The weather was amazing today, we spent lots of time outside. We went to the park with some friends in the morning. Then in the afternoon we met dad for lunch. We grabbed sandwiches and went to a great park by his work. --emily

Quite time

Andrew having some quiet time with his friend Sammy! They where so cute sitting up on the top bunk quietly reading stories to themselves. --emily