Saturday, June 19, 2010

M's Game

Kelly's dad has come and joined us for Father's Day weekend for the past couple of years. We usually do something fun and mostly just enjoy each other's company. This year Kelly wanted to surprise his dad with tickets to see a Mariners game as a family group.
The boys had a great time sporting their new M's gear. We all went and picked out new hats. It was cute to see what the boys picked out.
The little dudes and I took a time out and played at this amazing play land they have set up for the kids. They had a great time getting down to stretch their legs and playing somewhere new. What a brilliant idea in a ball park!
Here we are enjoying some junk food. Jacob began to get very tired at this point. He came and sat on my lap and almost fell asleep at one point. Andrew on the other hand was up like a crazy man singing and dancing on the car ride home. Jacob was fast asleep moments after we were on the freeway. What a great way to spend some Father's Day time with my boys. --emily

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ballard Locks

Today we enjoyed the Ballard locks with our friends. The weather was perfect. We have still had many rainy days this summer. So when Mr. Sun peeks out we have to do something in it.
We had a picnic lunch, watched the boats, enjoyed the fish climbing the ladder, and had a good time enjoying the weather.
Our afternoon ended with a stop at what might be my favorite cupcake place: "Cupcake Royal" in Ballard. Amazing! --emily

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Snack Time

We had graham crackers and chocolate frosting for a snack this week. And look what came of it, an awesome sticky mess! Andrew enjoyed playing with his snack more than eating it. --emily

Face Paint

Today we got out the face paint. Jacob wanted to paint his own face.
He painted a cannon with legs. He has been into pirates this week. --emily

Costume week

This past week my sweet little Andrew has a thing with muscle costumes.
Today he brought me this one to put on. I zipped him in and he insisted on having a mask. We don't have one, so I dug through the Halloween box and found the face paint. He wore this awesome outfit almost all day. I had to wipe the mask off half way through the day because it kept getting on everything. He took the costume off at bath time.
Out ridding bikes early this week. Yep that is spider man.
This picture was taken on Saturday at a local community party. Andrew wore his Incredibles costume all day. People kept stopping him and asking him if he was Mr. Incredible. He would look at them with a confused look, I think he forgot he had his costume on. It is just so natural for him. It was supper funny. --emily