Thursday, January 29, 2009

Indoor Playground

Today we got together with some of our kid friends and went to an amazing indoor playground. Oh yeah and it was free! Most places like this will cost a couple of dollars but not this one. Our mall has converted their third floor offices into this amazing kid haven. It is a great space that was put to good use and we are taking full advantage of it.
Andrew had a great day eating the water fowl. Andrew and yes all the other kids. 
I love this picture because it looks like the boat is moving super fast. Madiline's hair looks wind blown and Jacob is flying over the top of the boat as if it has stopped quickly. But that is not the case we just have some fast moving and very active kids. 
I don't think Andrew has ever seen anything like this. 
He had a great time watching the pieces spin.
More hugs, Please!
Jacob is at the stage where he hates having his picture taken 
and it has become quite the game to him. There he goes again.
I put this picture in because I wanted to show the detail in the carpet and my cute Andrew of course. The whole place is full of fun and well though out design like this.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Large box

Today we received a package in the mail that came in a large box. Here are my little monkeys playing in it! --emily

Story time

Jacob loves to go to our library's story time! When it isn't snowing or raining outside we like to walk and get some fresh air. Today was a driving day because it was raining outside. 
As we got into the car Jacob said, "Mom we are supposed to walk." 
Mom: "When it is raining we drive."
Jacob: "But mom I like to walk."
Mom: "Maybe next week it won't be raining."
Jacob: "Mom it is always raining. We never get to walk anymore". 
It is cute to me that even at a young age, Jacob is getting the winter blues and wanting the sunshine to return. We all can't wait for summer! --emily 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Craft time

Today Jacob and I were in charge of our play groups craft. We made this fun bottle cap dongle! Jacob already has plans to hang it from his backpack zipper. We are learning patience as it takes 24 hours to dry. --emily

Our Boys

Our friend took these pictures of the boys for a project that Kelly is doing. I thought I would share them because they are so darn cute! --emily

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Get the Crazys out!

Can you find Jacob?
Andrew had such a wonderful time!
I couldn't get Jacob to sit sill for even a moment. 
This is his best picture of the day.
What a fun Morning!
Today we went with our play group to the kidz' bouncy house in Preston. The boys enjoyed running around and playing with all the wild kids. Our group took a break for the Christmas season, so today it felt so good to get the kids back together again. Jacob kept saying all day, "Mom it was so much fun to play with our old friends." Oh yeah, and Andrew slipped away for a moment while I was running after Jacob and he found the public restroom! At our house we have to keep the bathroom doors closed because Andrew likes to play in the water. So that is what he was doing. Nice! I caught him before his sleeves got wet. So I scrubbed his hands as best I could with cold water and then used purell. I hope that was enough! 

*Kelly just asked if I got a picture of Andrew with his hands in the toilet?  I am good but not that good! I had to grab him before his hands went in his mouth. So sorry to disapoint but you have to use your imagination for that one. --emily

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Skate video

Kelly is into turning everything into a skate video. So here is today as just that. Skate or Die! --emily
K-Train Productions

Rollin' in the alley

Today it wasn't raining or snowing outside so we bundled up and played outdoors for a little while. It was nice to get some fresh air. Here is a darling picture of my boys playing in the alley. Kelly bought this scooter at a second hand store this week. He has been looking at buying one for a while now so he could ride around with the boys. He was thrilled to find this for so cheap and in perfect condition. --emily

Friday, January 9, 2009


Jacob: "Mom I Wove (love) that guy". Referring to the repair man that came and fixed our heater this morning. He has been snuggled up on the heater for about 30 min. Just enjoying the warmth.  --emily

Thursday, January 8, 2009


All in the name of not having late fees from Blockbuster: Jacob, Andrew and I ventured out into the flood to return our movies. This is the amazingness we came across. 
Water rushing over the curb. The water was only a couple of inches deep here, but it was still rushing. 
The water here is about 10 inches high.  
This is the road that the high school is on. Further down the road there is a little shop that sells wood carvings. There were wood carving floating all over the area. 
Here is a picture of the back parking lot behind the bowling and pizza place. This is a great place for the kids to play in the summer. We park the car here and walk to the river. It is a long walk to the river. No need for a long walk today! This area you see here is normally a big grassy field. There is a lot of extra water!

As you drive through Old Down Town there is a train grave yard. As you can see, the tracks are all covered in water. If you look even closer you can see that the houses behind the trains are also flooded . So tragic!
Here is a street behind the tracks where the houses are all flooded.
Snoqualmie Falls: This is an amazing picture. Compare this to the old post I wrote about the falls after a big rain storm. They don't even compare! While we where there a huge tree was washed over the edge. 
Another picture of the tracks of Old Down Town and another house that is flooded.
*Our house is on a hill so we were not affected by all this water. We are cozy and warm counting our many blessings. --emily

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good Morning Brother

Jacob usually wakes up before Andrew in the morning. So Jacob and I will get up, get breakfast started, and shortly thereafter Andrew will wake up. This morning Jacob and I went to get Andrew out of his bed and all three of us snuggled in the rocking chair when Jacob said, "Mom Andrew Smells like a puppy". And sure enough Andrew's morning breath smelled just like puppy breath. Jacob: "Why does our brother smell like a puppy?" I am sure that in Jacob's head it is a toss up--Brother or Dog. He has been asking for a little white dog with spots for months. We had a good conversation about why we brush our teeth. It has been a very productive morning! --emily

Monday, January 5, 2009

Playing Trains

Here are a couple of pictures of Jacob and Andrew playing trains. This is one of their favorite things to do! Grandpa Siple, this is for you. I am sorry Jacob was being a three year old and wouldn't wear his hat so Andrew wore it for you. --emily

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I have added a new tool called "followers". All you need to do is click on "follow this blog" it is on the right side of the page. Then add yourself to our list. It is a fun way for me to see when you have made updates to your blog. Also it is cute! So be the first to add yourself. 

A Sunbeam

Today was Jacob's first day as a Sunbeam. He had a great time. We asked him what his favorite thing about his new class is and he said, "Carter played under the table like a cat". That was all that we got out of him for the days events. --emily