Sunday, March 11, 2012

Leprechaun Catcher

Today the boys crafted with Grandma! They made darling leprechaun catchers. They crafted everything from scratch. First they painted the cardboard green. Then they added sparkle paint and shamrocks. The cardboard was fashioned to look like a leprechaun hat. They made little leprechaun ladders from pipe cleaners, added plastic gold on top to lure them in. There is a trap door on the very top all in hopes to catch a leprechaun or two. Thanks mom! --kelly & emily

Friday, March 9, 2012

Wallaby Farm

Today we went to our local wallaby farm with Andrew's pre-school. We had an awesome time! I learned so many things I never knew about wallabies.
Here is our tour guide, wallaby care giver, property owner, wallaby kissing man.
Jacob has school every other Friday so luckily today was his day with no school. Jacob was so darling the whole trip. He brought his camera (my old one) and took some darling pictures. He had a great time. The ranch is set up in such a way that the kids can wander and not get lost or go too far. Jacob just wandered and took pictures and loved the independence.
This in one of Andrew's teachers, Miss Terry. She was lucky enough to get to carry a baby joey the whole tour. The baby's name was Leonard--such a big name for the little dude.
The wallabies have lots of free space to run and play in the fresh open sky, with access to the barn that is open 24/7. It has heat lamps that can be turned on if necessary, and everything a little wallaby could need.
This Blue wallaby let the kids gather around her and pet her. She was so patient. She is the female to the red wallaby. The first picture on this post is the red one.
As we were leaving the farm, the owner handed out a little picture of the baby Joey Leonard to all the kids. It might as well have been 20 bucks! My kids thought it was the best gift ever. As soon as we got home, Andrew went straight to his room and hung it on his wall. The boys have all of there special things on a string line with clips at their level so they can display and take down the things that are special and important to them. I Love that this made it to the wall. It is fun to watch what they find to be important.
This was the best picture of my two monkeys. Yeah, to a fun day doing something different. --emily