Wednesday, April 28, 2010


In the morning after breakfast I usually play some music while I clean up. Today I caught this! --emily

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A visit to the Ear, Nose and Through Doctor

Who knew that at the ENT office they have a dentist-type chair instead of tables? We were surprised to see them, but it does make sense because the Ears, Nose and Throught are all on your head, and you can sit up for that.
In trying to help Andrew feel comfortable, our doctor had Drew listen to his own heart. Drew liked that. Then the Doctor took a good deep look into Andrew's nose to check out his adenoids. Everything checked out normal!
On our way out, there where two ambulances and an Medic-One van with lights going. Andrew was in awe! He was chatting about how awesome it was! There weren't any people in the trucks yet and we didn't hold up an emergency to take this great shot. --emily

Monday, April 26, 2010

Susanna listed me to do this blog chain.

10 Things that make me happy:
1. Hearing Jake and Drew play together nicely
2. Snuggling and watching a movie with my husband
3. A clean house
4. My yard in bloom
5. Sewing
6. Happy/content children
7. The smell of salty beach air
8. Riding my cruiser bike
9. Enjoying a sunny day outside
10. Being with good friends

5 Pieces of Trivia you may not know about me:
1. As a kid I was goosed by a goose
2. I love to make Cupcakes
3. I am a sucker for cute little boxes
4. I get car sick easily
5. I wear reading glasses

Pet Store

Andrew loves to go the the pet store and hold the baby dogs. The other day we were near the pet store and Andrew recognized where we were. He asked if we could stop and hold the dogs. We weren't in a hurry so we stopped. Jacob kept asking if we could buy another dog. . . We compromised with this. . .
A new Snail for his fish tank. I have been wanting to get something to help with the maintance of the tank. We tried an "Otto fish" that didn't end with a happy ending. The "Otto fish" ended up getting eaten by our bully gold fish Guido. The pet store guy said a snail might work out better. We shall see!
Jacob is playing with his fish!
Our new Snail!
He has done a great job so far, we have had him for six days and the tank is looking much cleaner. He has also survived his first week with our bully fish Guido. --emily

Favorite Things Swap

My friend Darci put together a "favorite things swap". The idea was to pick three of our favorite things, one that is hand made, and send it off to the person that Darci matched us up with. It was a fun exchange because some gals knew each other and other didn't. I sent my favorite things to Donya, whom I have never met before. I have known the gal that sent me her favorite things for a long time, so it was fun to see what favorite things she picked.

I loved opening my bag and pulling out everything amazing and yummy. Joanne sent me a beaded watch that I love, a jewelry pouch that will be very useful when I am traveling, and a bag of Dark Chocolate covered pomegranates that I have never had before. They didn't make it into the picture because they have already been enjoyed! Thanks Joanne!
What a great activity Darci! Thanks again. --emily

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bubble Boy

A fun picture from the park the other day! --emily

Friday, April 16, 2010

A well needed break!

A couple of gals from years past got together for a last minute impromptu get together in McCall, ID. Here we are in the Christmas restaurant that served an amazing breakfast. We had a good long weekend together. It is always good to be in the company of people who know you best! --emily

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dragon Training

We went to see a new movie in the theater today. We saw "How to Train Your Dragon" in 3D. It was awesome. The boys did a great job of sitting still and watching the movie. We all had a great time.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Children's Museum

Today some friends invited us to go to the Children's museum in an adjoining city. The Kids had an amazing time!
Andrew loved this activity: This contraption is so much fun. The kids stuffed the scarfs in a suction tube that pulled the scarf up. Then you get to watch the scarf dance all through the tubes before it is spit out. Andrew loved running to find his scarf. He would try to catch it before it fell, but that was so hard because it came out so fast.
This was cute. Jacob was tugging so hard on this pulley that was attached to a very heavy bowling ball. He tugged and tugged and finally got it. Great determination Jake!
Andrew pumping gas for the first time, into a big rig no less.
All the kids loved this wall. They would put a ball in the top to watch it ping pong through the wall. It was tricky though because they would have to pull levers and spin other parts to make the shelves and trays move so the ball would make it into the goal. They sure had a great day. Thanks friends. --emily

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning

This year the Easter bunny brought some fun things for the boys. It looks like (she) the Easter bunny had a theme in her gifts--games and things the boys can do together.
Jacob did a great job hunting throughout the house searching for plastic candy-filled eggs. The eggs with the blue peeps where Jacob's favorite.
Andrew hunted in a more casual way. He sat and opened the eggs as he hunted. He would open an egg, eat what was inside, then open the next egg. It was quite cute. Happy Easter! --emily

Easter Egg Coloring

It is tradition for the grand kids to dye Easter eggs the Saturday before Easter at my parents' house. This year was no exception! The kids had a great time, but I think we broke more eggs this year than in all the past years combined. --emily

On the Hunt

There are a couple of Gals in our ward that organize an amazing Easter egg hunt for the kids. Each family buys and fills 10 plastic eggs per child. We drop them off at her home and then the morning of the hunt she hides them all over the park. The kids each gather ten eggs. It is a great activity!
This year our weather was perfect. We have had crazy rain and wind the past couple of days, but the weather was dry and calm for about an hour while we hunted, played and chatted. It was amazing!