Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All Fixed Up

Today we had Gordon "fixed". So in preparation for his return home I wanted to talk with the boys about the cone he would be wearing on his head. I wanted the boys to be comfortable with this. So a couple of week ago Jacob had borrowed a movie from the library. It was a Clifford movie. In a scene from the movie, Clifford's friend (a cute little pink dog) can't stop scratching herself so she has to wear a cone. As I was talking to Jacob this morning about Gordon's cone, he remembered this scene from the movie and began to retell the whole Clifford story. And then added that the girl dog that had to wear a cone looked so cute in a cone and Gordon would be cute too. --emily

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

It is tradition in our home to have Kelly's dad in for a visit over the Father's day weekend. On Saturday morning we headed over to the Pacific Science Center to use our season passes for the last time before they expired. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Mark for the fun year of Science! The boys had a fun time exploring and running around. While at the Science Center we took a ride on a space simulator. It was like a crazy jiggly car. The boys had fun!
We then headed over to the Space Needle for brunch. We have never eaten there before so it was quite a treat. The boys were well behaved. Our waitress was very attentive to us. She brought out the kids' food before ours was ready. This should be done in all restaurants. It worked out really well. By the time we were done working on feeding the boys, our food was out and it was so yummy. Perfect timing!
Below the Space Needle there is a small amusement park. On the way into brunch it caught Jacob's eye, so we said if he was good during our meal, he could pick one ride after we ate. All the rides look like they have been there since 1962 when the Space Needle was built for the World's fare. The rides look like they are going to fall apart, they are squeaky and rusted out. I am so glad that he picked this one because it is low to the ground so there is less of a distance to fall if the ride does break.
It is always good to have family in our home! --emily

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Making Jam

Yesterday I made jam for the first time with my strawberry picking buddy. It is so yummy! I don't know why I have never made jam before. It is so simple and fun for the whole family. Pick, chop, mix done! It is that easy. I made this jam intending to give it away. I don't know if it is going to make it out the door. Yesterday we ended with six containers. Today we have already eaten jam on toast and jam sandwiches. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!--emily

Monday, June 15, 2009

Strawberry Patch

Our friends invited us to go with them to a local strawberry you-pick patch. My boys have never been to a you-pick patch and they had a great time. They where well behaved and I was so glad. The older grandma gals that were running the farm where very nice and had a great sense of humor. At one point I went to talk with them about paying extra for all the strawberries that Drew was eating. Her response was, "He is so darling he can eat as many as he wants." I delt with so many grumpy people last week her response was a breath of fresh air! 
Jacob did such a great job picking strawberries. He filled the box almost all by himself. I would put a couple strawberries in the box and Jacob would say, "No mom, this is my box. I want to do it myself." He did a great job. I am very proud of him. 

Washington Strawberries are very small, but they are so flavorful.
I asked Will to show me his Strawberry. Isn't that such a cute picture!

Andrew was explaining to me that it was the strawberry that made all the mess. I don't think one strawberry Andrew picked made it into the box. He ate so may he had a belly ache. Poor Drew! --emily

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bad Guys

I only have a picture of one of the "bad guys."
While Jacob and his friend Michael where playing the other day, I overheard this conversation. M-"Hey Jacob, lets be bag guys." As they were tossing all the couch pillows on the ground, J- "Okay." M- "I am the Holy Ghost." J- "I will be bad dog Gordon." That was as much as I could remember because I was cracking up on the inside. --emily

Thursday, June 11, 2009

For the Kids

As most kids do, my Jacob loves stickers. A couple of months ago a friend/neighbor had sent us a sticker chain letter. Jacob and I were very diligent and did everything in the alloted time. We went and bought stickers, addressed and sent the letters out. Jacob had a lot of fun doing this! Every day for a couple of weeks Jacob would excitedly run to the mailbox to ckeck for stickers. We recieved no stickers in return. What a disapointment for Jacob. He asks about "the sticker letters" all the time. This kid has a great memory. So I was thinking that as mom's we could have fun with this. I thought that it would be fun to do this among friends. So here is the deal: if you send Jacob or Andrew or both boys a sheet of stickers, I in return will do the same for your kids. If you have 1 kid or 5 kids all the same. They will all get stickers from Auntie Emily. So let me know who is in by sending stickers to my boys. Remember to add your return address so I know where to send your stickers. Maybe a small note with kid or kids name on it. I know all of you but not all of your kids. I have a stack of stickers all ready to be sent. Kids love to get mail and everyone loves stickers. If you don't have my address but want to participate. Leave me a coment with your email address and I will send you my address. --emily

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Exploring our state

Today we where in the mood to do something new and decided to google local parks and beaches. We found this awesome park/beach in North Seattle. The boys had a great time. We spent the first part of the morning at the beach playing in the sand and finding sea creatures. 

Look at how amazing Washington "sand" is. I didn't move anything for this picture this was a natural as is picture. A crab shell remnant, dried seaweed, rocks, sand, shells and wood. I am sure there is more in there but that is the obvious stuff. Isn't that just beautiful!

The boys are picking out the perfect tossing rocks. 
After the boys had enough of the sand we went to the other section of the park. This park didn't have the average play equipment they had an awesome slide and a fun kid size forest area. The kids had a great day exploring and getting there wiggles out, in this fun new park/beach in there own state. This is just the beginning of our summer fun. This year our goal is to get to know our own state and do fun thing in a afternoons drive. --emily

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nap time

Today Andrew wasn't going to take a nap and boy did he need one. So I bribed Jacob with a Happy Meal and out for a car ride we went. Andrew was asleep 60 seconds after we where on the freeway. Just as I thought he would be. So Andrew was asleep and Jacob had a Happy Meal so all was good, right? No not in this case. I was caring Andrew into the house to lay him in his bed. I do this all the time and Andrew will stay asleep for a good two hour nap cozy in his bed. But today as we where in the laundry room slipping off our shoes. Jacob starts chattering in a Kid voice. So, game over. Andrew was up and wouldn't go back down for a nap. --emily

Monday, June 1, 2009

Best friends

Today Jacob had his friend Michael over for a play date. When Jacob wakes up in the morning he always asks if he can have Michael over. This morning was no exception. Today they where riding bikes outside in the alley. When the boys disappeared into the house, they went upstairs to play trains and cars. The two boys play so well together. Because it was too hot to play outside they watched the movie "Bolt". They built themselves into a fort with couch cushions because Gordon was bugging them. While watching the movie Michael said to Jacob: "Shh, be quiet this is the awesome part." What darling boys. 
Then later in the afternoon we met up with Michael's mom and other brothers at a local park. The boys just ran around and had fun playing in the sunshine. This is why I love living up here, good friends and sunshine. It is paradise. 
Michael's younger brother Will and Andrew have become good friends by default. They are only a couple months apart and are so cute together. Andrew was carrying around a spray bottle all day. In this picture here Andrew is spraying Will. This caused Will to giggle and Andrew is smiling because he has made his friend giggle. What cute simple play. --emily