Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Knocked Out

Jacob had his 2nd tooth knocked out today June 27th.
He lost his first one on June 18th.
It has been loose for a few days and today he decided he was ready to yank it out. He is so brave he wiggled it all day and then just tugged it out.
He now has a darling gappy smile with two less bottom teeth.
He looks so cute!
Last year I made each boy this zippered pouch intending it to be used as a boy tooth fairy pillow. It has little snap arms to attach to the bunk-bed and a zipper mouth for the tooth and loot! --emily

Andrew's Preschool Field Trip to the Zoo

Andrew's preschool took a field trip to the zoo the last week of school. Since Emily was at home recovering from surgery, I got to take the boys on the field trip.
We've been to several zoos before, but this was our first time at the Cougar Mountain Zoo. It is a fun zoo with some cool animals, and we were able to get pretty close to most of them.
One of our favorite exhibits was the tropical bird exhibit. Not only did the birds look beautiful, they could talk.
This macaw reminds me of some birds Emily and I saw nine years ago in Venesuela.
All the kids in Andrew's class had decorated visors earlier in the week. Their teacher told them to wear them to the zoo. I was so paranoid that we would forget it and Andrew would be the only kid at the zoo without a visor. As it turns out, Andrew was the only kid who actually wore his visor to the zoo.
The zoo had several tigers. In fact, there were two different tiger enclosures. They were pretty amazing. We had a great day. --Kelly

Baseball Wrap-Up

After Jacob's last baseball game, one of the moms Kerry, put together a little award cermony complete with trophies and a cupcake cake! It was a great season. Jacob enjoys playing baseball. It was too bad we had so many games that were rained out.
He Loves the game. --emily

Father's Day 2012

Emily and the boys made me a wonderful gift for Father's Day. They know that the gifts I love best are the ones they make themselves. They also know that I love birds. They made me a cute bird feeder for the backyard. The bird feeder is made from a plate and bowl, connected by a large screw. The best part of the birdfeeder is the inscription they made on the top.
I love my family. --Kelly

Friday, June 8, 2012

All Fixed Up

For as long as I can remember I haven't been able to fully breath through my nose. I also have extremely large tonsils, so breathing through my throat has also been a struggle at times. I have frequent sinus infections, constant sore throat and chronic headaches. My doctors have just always put a band aid over the problem, but never really fixed it.

I was talking with my friend Heather about her daughter's sinus problem. She told me about her daughter's doctor. I had a realization he is the doctor for me. I set up an appointent with him within the next few days. He is fantatic doctor and he had answers for my all my "problems." He did alergy tests and I found out I have some alergies I didn't know I had.

I went in for surgery on Tuesday and the doc fixed my devieated septum and removed my tonsils. My nose still looks the same on the outside, I can just breath through it now. My throat is still very sore. Surgery was only 3 day ago but I have been crying trears of joy. I can breath through my nose. I don't remember the last time I could do that. Now my nose works the way it is suposed to function. --emily

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baseball 2012

Stepping up to the plate,
here comes the pitch. . . and it's a hit. Great swing, Jacob.
Jacob is in his second year of little league. This year his team is the White Sox. It's fun to see how he has improved over last year. He's gotten much better and he really enjoys the game. He has fun playing with his friends and I love that he has an outlet for getting some of that extra energy out. He has a great swing and throw this season.
Go White Sox! --emily and Kelly

Last Official day of Pre-School

Andrew has been attending the Snoqualmie Ridge Preschool since January. This week was his last week of school before the summer break. The kids' parents were invited to a recognition ceremony the last hour of class. Andrew was wearing a visor that he had decorated in class. Andrew is posing with his teachers Miss Amy, & Terri.
Each kid was given a medal that hung around their neck and a certificate of completion. They also gave the parents a bag full of art projects our kids had done in class.
After class, Andrew played with some of his friends. We're proud of our cute Andrew. He's a good student and a sweet boy. --Kelly

Piano Recital

Jacob has been taking piano lessons since January. This week he had his first recital. His teacher hosted a recital and invited about a dozen of her students to play a couple of songs each. Jacob played, "London Symphony" and "Happy Birthday".
Jacob is not normally the type of kid to get up in front of a group and perform, but when it was his turn he went right up to the piano and played his two songs. I've never been more proud of Jacob. He did a great job.
All the kids who performed got a rose and a completion certificate from their teacher. It was a great experience for Jacob. --Kelly

Memorial Weekend Camping Extravaganza

 We went with a group of friends from our neighborhood on a camping adventure. This weekend took much planning but was so worth every moment of food gathering, list writing and bag packing. 
We camped on the cliffs, 
 saw "sleeping lady",
rode on horses for the first time as a family, and with friends,
 We dipped our feet in the cool river, 
and played in amazing glittery sand,
 Miss A had glittery hands,
 Kelly and Andrew explored,
 Jake ran from falling rocks,
 the kids found lizards,
 Andrew wore his silly face almost all weekend,

 we ate fantastic camping food,
rented kid powered go-carts,
played in dirt and with dogs all weekend.
This was our first time ever camping at a KOA, and let me say the amenities were fantastic. We were still in the dirt and making our own food. There was a fun modern community park the boys enjoyed played at. There was even a heated swimming pool. Firewood with delivery! A dish washing station, very clean bathroom individual showering rooms in case you do that while camping. Saturday was family tie-dyeing night. It was a great Weekend! --emily