Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another Boy

Yesterday we added a new member to our family. I am not sure how it happened it was all so fast. The boys somehow convinced me to get a dog. He is a darling new member of our family. He is a Mini Australian Shepard. He is about 10 pounds and he is expected to total at 20 pounds. While we where picking him out, Kelly picked him up and they were so cute together I couldn't say no. 

Then Jacob said, "Are we going to get a dog or what?" 
What dog do you think we should get? 
"The one that dad is holding!" 
But Jacob he isn't black and white. 
"That is okay; he is cute." 

Jacob has been asking for a black and white dog for a while now. So I was shocked that he was okay with a brown dog with white spots so quickly. So we put the dog back in the pen so we could talk about buying him. Jacob says no mom we need to buy him. I explained that we had to put him back for a moment so we could talk to the people. He still wasn't quite sure why we put him back if we where going to buy him. So Jacob stood watch of his dog as we talked to the person about the dog. 

It was cute because people would come and look at the dog and say, "Oh that dog is so cute." And Jacob would say, "He is my dog and his name is Gordon." It was so cute! (Gordon is a Thomas the Train character). 

On the car ride home Jacob would randomly say things like "I can't wait to teach my dog how to play catch" or "Won't it be cute when Gordon sleeps in my bed". 
Here is our cute Gordon the wind was blowing his ears back. He has cute floppy ears. I will post more pictures as I get them. Gordon is harder to take a picture of that my Jacob. --emily

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Learning things the hard way

Last week the boys and I went to the pet store in search of  an algae-eating fish. As we walked into the fish department, we saw the "fish working employee" so we quickly cornered her to ask her all about what is best for us. We told her that we had a goldfish and a tank that is in a sunny spot in our house so we are in the market for a helpful snail or fish to clean up the extra algae. She showed us a fish they call an Otto fish. She recomended him because he does such a great job cleaning the tank. Then we asked about the snails she said that they aren't as good of housekeepers. 

So we bought a fish upon her recommendation. Jacob named him WallE from the movie. Jacob loved the idea of a friend for his goldfish Guido. The two fish were friends for about a week. Then today we couldn't find WallE. WE COULD NOT FIND HIM! We had to clean out the tank in search of WallE. We found him wedged in one of the plants. He was very beat up. He never had a chance. So Jacob and I had a little talk about how all things die. Following that we had a toilet burial. Then Jacob said, "Now WallE lives with all the poop." I should have thought that through a little better. 

After all this I called the pet store to ask about the Otto fish. The gal on the phone said that goldfish only live with other goldfish. Because I put the Otto fish in with a goldfish, that was my own stupidity and the 30 day warrenty is null and void. So we spent $1.99 for a "Punching Bag" for Guido and $5.99 for algae-eating fish food in case WallE ate all the algae in the tank and was still hungary. We just tossed $7.98 out the car window! I love working with employees that don't know what they are talking about! Yeah for waisting money.

Algae-eating fish: $1.99
Algae-eating fish food: $5.99.
Teaching our son about the circle of life: priceless

Here is a photo of Guido after the day's trauma. --emily

Monday, February 16, 2009


Today because of the holiday Kelly didn't have to work. So as a family we went to the train Museum. We have never taken the boys before and we thought that today was a good day for it.
Jacob was so funny today. Recently he wants nothing to do with me 
taking pictures of him but today he was posing up a funny storm. 
Andrew has a rock in his mouth. 
You have to always be on your feet with these two. 
The yellow thing in Andrew hand is an egg-shaped shaker. 
Andrew likes to always have something in his hand. 
Andrew didn't want anyone to carry him. 
If  you tried, he would squeal and want to be put down. 
He wanted to walk on the tracks like everyone else. 
The ground was very uneven and there was a lot of falling.
More posing! If you look closely you will see the Thomas 
Jibbitz in his Crocs. Jacob Loves Thomas the train.
Jacob was feeding the totem pole pine cones. It was very funny!
Kelly and Andrew are hijacking this train. 
If you have seen them, please give them a ride home!
What a great day. 
To making fun new memories. --emily

Sunday, February 15, 2009

First talk

Today Sunday February 15th Jacob gave his first talk in Primary. The topic was "The priesthood blesses my family".
When my brother Andrew was born he was 5 weeks early. He had to stay in the hospital for 12 days till his lungs where big enough to work without help. My dad and our home teachers gave Andrew a priesthood blessing that he would be healed and that he would be comforted. Our family was blessed. --emily

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's day!

Kelly, Thanks for being the best Valentine ever! Love, emily

Storm drain

Jacob loves to put rocks in the storm drain. It may be bad but I think it is cute. He loves to watch them fall and splash. I guess this is our little urban pond. --emily

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jam Good

Our sweet Andrew has been so sick the past couple of days. And with not feeling good he hasn't had much of an appetite which is so unlike him. I think I have found his "sick food." Toast with jam or maybe just jam. --emily

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mom's Special Birthday!

Today was a busy day. Mom turned 30, so there was a lot of work to be done. In the morning we sent her off to have her toes painted so we boys could sneak off to pick up some birthday balloons. Andrew was in charge of the balloon arranging and I was in charge of testing the icing on the cupcakes Dad made. Mom loved the personalized M&Ms that Dad ordered online. It was a great day full of fun and surprises. What a exhausting day! 
Love, Jacob

Today the love of my life turned 30.  Emily is more beautiful now than ever.  I took the day off so that Emily could sleep in and so we could spend the day together as a family.  I made cupcakes and I tried to decorate them with Color Flow butterflies on top, but the butterflies didn't turn out the way I planned them.  We tried to shower Emily with gifts. She does so much for the rest of us all year, we wanted to make her birthday special.  It was a fun day.


I am so lucky to have such a wonderful YWs class. Tonight my girls threw me a surprise birthday party for our class activity. We decorated cupcakes while sitting on little kid chairs. We played kid party games, and had a great time speed walking the halls doing egg races (with game eggs). What a fun surprise. Thank you for being so thoughtful! --emily