Monday, October 31, 2011


The boys wanted to be M&Ms this year, so I made their costumes. They were so cute dressed up as M&M candies. We started trick-or-treating early. Kelly took an early bus home, we had a quick dinner and headed out. Andrew was feeling sick so he only made it a few houses before he asked, "Can we go home now?" Poor little Andrew wasn't even up for a good candy hunt. So Kelly and Andrew went home to hand out the treats! Andrew wanted to hold the candy bowl while Kelly put candy in the bags of the kids who came to the door.
Jacob and I kept on the hunt. We enjoyed a hayride, and more door knocking with friends
The boys checking out out their loot! It was quite the haul. --emily

Amazing Fall Afternoon

A few weeks ago the fall leaves were amazing and so was the weather outside. We found this great pile of leaves the wind had gathered, and played to our hearts' content. We then ended at the park with our friends to swing and play. Thought I would share this fun moment! --emily

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Farm with the Kiddies

Andrew's Pre-School went to Remlinger Farm this week.
We pet the farm animals,
Andrew stood behind almost every face board and posed for a picture even without being prompted,
also with his friends Esme and Jane,
he drove a tractor,
and we picked out pumpkins! --emily

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Andrew's Birthday Week

Andrew started his day celebrating at preschool.
He picked pizza for his birthday dinner, "But not like the kind we had for Jake's. The kind that they bring to our house." So we ordered a pizza dinner.
Andrew then opened gifts and has been playing non-stop with his batman cave and guys ever since.
Andrew's friend birthday party had an Owl theme. Here are his party invitations. Of all the invitations I've made, they are one of my favorites.
I made owl masks for all the kids; they looked so darn cute in them. Andrew is showing us his talons.
We did a kid owl craft.
Cute Jake in his owl mask! He was a really good helper at the party.
We played an M&M game with kid chopsticks.
Andrew picked out a Bat pinata.
The bird beak got in the way a little when blowing out his candles, but he made it work! It was a fantastic birthday week. Thanks for being such a darling little boy. We love you so much! --Mommy

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall City Farms

Today was the perfect day for the pumpkin patch. The sun was shinning, the sky was blue. There were happy smiles upon little faces. The doughnuts were warm and yummy, cider was full of amazing flavor.
Going to the pumpkin patch is definitely one of the activities we most look forward to each October. This was our second year going to the Fall City Farms pumpkin patch. The boys got new boots this week, so they were all ready to hike through the dirt and mud looking for the perfect pumpkins.
We loved watching the process of make apple cider. They shredded the apples, wrapped them in a cloth, then pressed them in a hydraulic press to get all the juice out. They even gave us some free samples. Yummy . . . It was fun to see the whole production.
The Boys picking the perfect pumpkins.
Jacob has a wonderful smile, but he doesn't like to show it in pictures. In this photo, we are sitting on some large pumpkins that made excellent chairs.
The boys love to spray water, so we put them in charge of cleaning the pumpkins. Here is Andrew washing the pumpkins.
Here is Mr. Jacob having his turn. I think Jacob enjoyed hosing down the pumpkins more than he enjoyed picking them out in the field.
Here we are getting ready for a hayride. Kelly had to resort to tickling Jacob to make him smile for the photo.--emily