Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Family Fun

The February issue of family fun magazine has this great idea of turning old winter hats into fun monster hats. We had a great time gathering things from the craft closet that would work for this. The boys picked out the colors and shapes they wanted for their monster. They cut some of the shapes, and I cut the others. It was a fun project we did together and I think they turned out darling. Great job boys! Love, Yo . . . Momma

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mornings With Dad

Our boys are morning people just like their Dad. They like to join in on the things he is doing in the morning. The other day all three of them were shaving in the master bathroom while I was still in bed. I am not a morning person. I woke up to giggling and laughing. There is nothing better than the laughter of my own children. What a cute little family I have. I am so grateful for healthy happy sons and a great husband! I am so blessed. --emily

Monday, January 17, 2011

Choose The Right

Jacob has mentioned a couple of times that he would like a CTR ring. Some of his friends at pre-school have one. He has also seen his church class friends with a ring also. So today while we were out playing as a family, we stopped at Deseret Book so the boys could pick out a ring. They both picked the same ring with a blue background. The boys' chubby fingers look so darling with a "big kid" ring on. Now, with this little reminder to Choose The Right, maybe they will make good choices! :) --emily
(Jacob's hand is on the Left and Andrew's is on the Right)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Sick Day

This has been our position science Sunday. The boys have had the pucky, throw ups. They haven't felt like eating much. I can't blame them. So because of this, they have been so lethargic and have not wanted to play much. We have been sitting in mom's bed watching movies and shows. Their new favorite show today was "Olivia." It is a darling show about a little girl pig. The only food they can keep down is bread and Gatorade, so I actually let them eat in mom's bed. Maybe tomorrow we will try some real food. Wish us luck that we can make it through the night without anyone throwing up tonight. We all need a good night sleep. --emily