Saturday, June 25, 2011

Trip to Sandpoint, Idaho

We spent the week at Sandpoint, ID. My aunt's sister owns some amazing property on the lake out there. We had a lot of fun visiting with family, exploring the property, and enjoying the sun. All the pictures in this post were taken on the property.
The best part of the property is an amazing three-story tree house that overlooks the lake. The first floor has a sitting room, kitchen, and bathroom with a shower. The second floor has a bed and sitting area. The third floor is called the "Eagle's Nest". It is an open space with large windows that provide the best view of the lake.
We spent some time on the lake cannoeing. There was only one oar, so Kelly did all the rowing, but he didn't mind. He loved it. We explored the coast line and paddled out to a penninsula. Jacob and Andrew got a little bored because they didn't appreciate the sites like we did.
The boys enjoyed swimming in the lake, even though the water was cold.
We flew kites in the orchard on the property with the best kid kites ever. Thanks Grandma, for bringing the kites.
Jacob really enjoyed fishing with uncle Al.
Here is Jacob relaxing right before some intense fishing!
Here is Andrew being silly. He wasn't really into the whole fishing thing.
Yep, that silly boy who isn't much into listening or paying attention fell into the lake. I am so glad I insisted he wore his life jacket. I ran to his rescue, but be in the end Andrew just wanted dad. The joys of being a mom: putting in 100% all the time and they just want dad!
Jacob and I enjoying a shake from the local burger joint.
The Big boys playing crocket!
Even my dad enjoyed the game. He won two out of the three matches they played. I think we found his hidden talent.
Here my boys are getting ready to break the wishbone from our chicken dinner. Andrew won! We all wonder what he wished for. He claims he wished for world peace, but he probably just heard Kelly recommend that.
Here is Jacob chillin' with my grandparents. They are reading and Jacob was playing a fishy game on my dad's iPhone.
The girls who work on the property found this crow and had been taking care of him because he couldn't fly. He lasted a couple of days before he died. May he rest in peace! He's alive in this picture.
Here we are enjoying a fun week with family.
We took our time on our drive home. We stopped when we wanted to and had a enjoyable time. This is in Elensberg at a gift shop/ice cream store--the perfect stopping place.
More ice cream! Yummm . . . --emily

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Catch This

Yesterday was Jacob's last T-Ball game. It was a bit sad for us all. We has such a great team and coaches. We will miss not seeing them a few times a week. Jacob had such a great season. He learned lots and enjoyed playing the game. Jacob made some fun new friends whom we hope to stay in contact with. I feel so blessed for the great experience this was for Jake and our whole family.

Jacob loved being the catcher! He thought it was cool to put on all that gear. I agree he does look very cool! --emily

With a Little Face Paint

At some local festivities today we waited in line for what felt like an hour to have the boys' faces painted. Jacob chose to be painted as a darling little dog. He spent the afternoon crawling around on all fours and barking like a dog. He even mentioned to me that he is now a brother to Gordon our dog. Andrew picked batman. He was so excited to have his face painted. I think he felt like a real supper hero behind all of that paint. Although every time I looked at him I giggled a little on the inside because all I could see was Gene Simmons from Kiss. Thanks for such a fun day! Love you boys. --Mom