Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bus Washing

On September 3rd Jacob and I went to the Bus barn to help Grandma wash her bus. This is a annual event. Every year before school starts grandma has us out to help her. Grandma does this for the kids. They love this day and look forward to it every year. --Kelly


Darci said...

Hi stranger. Isn't this bloggin' thing fun!?! I love seeing photos of you and your little family. You look great. Seeing pictures of your mom brings back so many fun girls camp memories.
Now I need your email address so I can invite you to my blog.

CJAllred said...

How fun the get the grandkids together with grandma and get to do the annual bus wash. They get to be with family, accomplish something together, and play in the water at the same time!!
I wish I could have those cute grandkids over to my house more often.
Love you guys!
Grandma Allred