Thursday, March 5, 2009

Note to Self:

When you get old don't be this crabby!
My mom called yesterday to let me know about a local store that was going out of business. The whole store was going to be on sale. So among our list of things to do we added stopping in and checking out what is on sale. As Jacob, Andrew and I walked into the store, I saw an old woman with a shopping cart with maybe three cards in her huge cart. Yes, greeting cards, or birthday cards,  flat simple not heavy cards. So I kindly asked the woman if I could trade her my basket for her shopping cart so I could contain my kids--Andrew in the front and Jacob in the big basket part. The woman said, 
"NO! I WAS HERE FIST SO I GET THE SHOPPING CART." She was a crazy old lady. So my kids began to entertain the store with the funny things that kids do--all in the name of buying stickers on sale. I think we might have saved $0.99 Was it worth it?  --emily


Leslie said...

oh man I feel for you!! In fact I just called my mom upset for this same reason. I braved the grocery store with 3 kids for the first time and lets just say I got WAY to much advice from crazy old ladies. I left the store almost in tears!! I vowed NEVER to be like that. So if one day I'm old and grumpy remind me of this post!! :)

Colleen said...

Woah! What a mean old lady! I had an old man at Costco a few days ago basically tell me that my kids didn't listen to me...and they weren't even being that bad! Jerky old people.

Darci said...

Nice try with the logical trade. Thankfully I don't have a cranky old lady story to share - yet that is.