Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carving the Pumpkins

Saturday evening we carved our pumpkins as a family. Jacob enjoyed this so much this year. He started out sitting on his stool. He worked his way up to sitting on the counter so he could see what he was doing. He had a much better angle from above anyway. He did a great job. His pumpkin looks awesome!
I wanted to get a cute picture of the boys sitting on the porch with their lit pumpkins, but Andrew was all done by this point. He is not usually the screaming meltdown kid, but there was no energy left even for a cute picture. I love the look on Jacob's face! --emily


Leslie said...

I love that you posted the picture of the melt down!! I love reading blogs that show everyday life. Jacob's face cracks me up too. he's like Whoa look out.. :)

Darci said...

What a responsible guy to carve a little on his own. The sad face picture is hilarious!

Hi! said...

Love the pictures, Jacob in full carving action, and poor Drew when he had enough.
Love, momAKAgrandma

CJAllred said...

Awesome Jack-O-Lanterns, Jacob and Andrew. Jacob looked very intense in his work. Poor Andrew was just ready for bed. Was it the next day that he was busted with the cupcake breakfast--all smiles?