Saturday, July 10, 2010

Small Town, USA

A film crew was on our street shooting a new Toyota commercial today. They sent out fliers in advance telling us to keep our cars off the street and stay out of the way of the film crew. They chose our neighborhood because of its "Small Town, USA feel". It was fun sitting on our porch watching the filming and seeing all the cars. It was amazing how many people it took to shoot the commercial. I brought my camera out to capture the memories, but I only took a couple of pictures before a security guy told me to put my camera away. The car that was shooting the rolling footage was an all blacked-out Mercedes SUV with a camera mounted on top. It was not a Toyota. In fact, most of the people in charge of the filming were driving non-Toyotas. It was interesting. It will be fun to see our neighborhood on TV. --emily


Anonymous said...

That was fun. Good thing they didn't confiscate your camera!
Love, momAKAgrandma

Leslie said...

how cool is that!!! you'll have to post the commercial when it comes out.

CJAllred said...

That sounds fun to watch the whole process. Will we see your house on the commercial? Set us know!
I remember how fun it was to watch the ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition by my work a few years ago.