Saturday, February 5, 2011

Who had a birthday?

My day began with a nice sleep-in thanks to my thoughtful husband and helpful boys. Life is always moving so quickly there is no time for a mommy to rest so this was the perfect gift from my little men.
We then had some cake and opened gifts in the afternoon.
The boys surprises me with some new bedding that I had mentioned a long time ago that I liked. I love fun surprises like that!
But my most favorite part of birthdays is the extra hugs and kisses mommy gets!
This is my new bedding. I love it and I love surprises. I am such a lucky girl; my boys take such good care of me. Cheers to another successful year filled with joy, happiness, health and so much love. --emily


Hi! said...

Happy Birthday again Emily!! Nice to sleep in once in a while. Cute pictures. Love the bedding, very pretty. You need to whip up several toss pillows, in that blue and moss green. I think you already have some blue ones on your couch, are they the right color? Happy day!
Love, momAKAgrandma

Rebecca said...

CUTE bedding! Happy belated Birthday! You are one of my favorites! :-)

CJAllred said...

Happy Birthday! Your home is so color-coordinated. Your new bedding has your blue and green with a punch of red/orange. Looks Great!