Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wedding Week

This weekend we had lots of extended family time. I wish we did more of this! I love my crazy, funny family.
My cousin Miranda was married on Saturday. I had a great time helping where I could. My Mom and Aunt pulled this whole reception together. It was amazing!
Here are the cupcakes I made for the party. I made lots of them. They turned out so yummy! I realized that I find joy in this sort of thing. Isn't this stand amazing? It belongs to my cousin's wife. It is a perfect girly party stand. I think I might need to find one for myself.
I also did the flowers; they were simple. Her colors were navy, silver and white. So I used white roses. They turned out very elegant. It is funny I was watching "The View" at the gym a few week ago and they had a center piece on their table that was my inspiration. Open flowers, short stems, balled together, close to the rim of the vase. I love how they turned out!
Here are the bride and groom stuffing each other with cake!
Congratulations! We wish you much love and happiness. --emily


Hi! said...

In all the craziness it was fun, especially when eating your amazing cupcakes, and visiting with family! Thanks for all the hard work!
Love, momAKAgrandma

James & Candace said...

Love the mustache and eye patch!!!

Leslie said...

your cupcakes looks incredible!! thanks for posting these!!! It's fun to see everyone! Candace and James the eye patch and mustache are really working for ya!

dandt20 said...

Thanks EMILY!!!
You are all so wonderful!
What a great weekend!
You are all so talented!
We appreciate all of you. Thanks for the photos!

The Siple Family said...

The stach and eye patch were a request! I think they are working it.

CJAllred said...

Beautiful cupcakes. Too pretty to eat. But it sounds like people loved them. You are definitely the the wedding flower queen.