Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Morning

Jacob is trying to figure out what Santa has put in his stocking. His mind is saying, "Looks like slime. But what is it?" Only the best boy stocking stuffer ever. Farting putty! When you squish it back into the jar it squeaks like someone has gas. I thought it was funny! Jacob would watch for my reaction as he squished it back into the plastic jar. "Am I going to get in trouble?" :)
The boys are putting together their Santa / Stocking gifts. They each got a Squinky gum ball machine thing. Totally cool! They are so in to Squinkies. They play with them with their Legos, board games and in so many other ways. I love their imaginations when they play with them.
We got the boys an Xbox with Kinect. We thought they'd love it. Sometimes they have a lot of fun with it, but other times they have trouble focussing enough to stand in front of the sensor. The technology is pretty amazing.
Something hand made! I like to have at least one hand-made gift. This year I made Batman and Superman aprons. So they can look like super heros when they are helping in the kitchen, eating messy food, or working on crafts. Thanks to my friend Jennie for letting me use her pattern. I think they turned out so darn cute.
There are way too many presents under that tree, but there were some practical gifts under there too. What a Wonderful Christmas! Thank you friends and family for making this the best Christmas season ever. So much thoughtfulness and love shared by all of you! Love you all --emily


Shannon said...

those aprons are adorable!

and that 4th picture up from the bottom (I'm not sure which child it is of yours) but in that picture he looks so much like you. Fun!

Leslie said...

So fun!!! Our kiddos got fart putty too!! I have to admit I had fun with that one too.