Monday, January 30, 2012

Kelly Rippa

Monday morning January 30th I had tickets to see "Live with Kelly Rippa". It is filmed in the ABC building a little jaunt from out hotel. It was a fun experience. Kelly is funny and interacts well with the crowd. Her co-host was ABC news correspondent Dan Abrams and her guest actor was Channing Tatum. Channing was so nice! There was a girl about 15 years old in the audience, her mom let here skip school for the day because her favorite actor in the world is Channing and it was her birthday. Channing took the time to chat with her and wish her a happy birthday. She was in heaven. Two thumbs up for Channing for being real and making a little girl's world. --emily


Leslie said...

awesome!!! Think Channing would talk to me on my 32nd birthday? hahaha

The Siple Family said...

Yes, he was so nice! Lets plan a 32nd NYC birthday trip and track him down. He lives in the city with his wife and kids. He told us that not stalker-ish.