Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wedding Weekend

What a fantastic weekend. Our friend Amanda had a destination wedding on Orcas Island. With much planning and preparation we begin our weekend by dropping our kids off at my parents' house at 9:30 a.m. and rushing off to catch the ferry. The ferry wasn't scheduled to depart 'till 12:30, so we figured we had given ourselves plenty of time. We drove straight there and arrived 45 min. early. As we paid the ticket, the agent gal told us the ferry was full and we would have to wait for the next boat. The next ferry wouldn't allow us to be on time for the 4 o'clock wedding. So we decided to park our car and walk onto the boat.
We were hoping we could catch up with someone we might know on the boat headed to the wedding. Or we could call a taxi. We didn't know exactly what we would do, but we knew we had to be on that boat. Moments later, I received a text from a friend asking if we were going to the wedding. Yes we are. And you? Yes I am on the ferry now. Really? Can we jump in your car and hitch a ride to the wedding? It was amazing how it all worked out!
Once on the Island and at the resort we quickly checked into our room and changed our clothes. We had just a few minutes to spare before the ceremony began. No wonder Island Life is so slow. You couldn't be fast even if you wanted to be. We started our morning out the door at 9:00 and barley made a 4:00 ceremony. That is crazy!
It wasn't planned, but look how we all coordinated perfectly. What are the chances of this? The family of the wedding couple planned to coordinate their outfits, but not Cindy and me.
What a cute family! I just love these guys. So warm and loving.
The flowers were so bright and cheery, I loved them too!
The weather was amazingly warm with a perfect ocean breeze. You may think it is silly to mention the weather, but living in the Northwest our weather is always so unpredictable. It is always a good day when the weather is in your favor.
Here we are on the ferry on our way home. It was a whirlwind weekend. But with so many moments reminding us we were where we were supposed to be--supporting good friends no matter the lengths it took to do it. It was worth all the craziness.
Love you Amanda & Ryan and congratulations! --emily


CJAllred said...

Wow! Who would have thought it would take that long to get to the ferry--and to have it FULL! So glad your friends had their car. I was thinking you were going to say they didn't have their car either and they were hoping to catch a ride with YOU. So glad it all worked out. That was fate that you were all color coordinated so well. Everyone looks so summery and darling. Even Kelly. :-) It looks like a fun trip. So glad to see the pictures.

Anonymous said...

It was a great weekend here too! Can't believe how all of the clothes coordinated. Love the flowers so bright and lovely.