Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

 This year for Halloween, along with some of our friends, we decided to dress up as skeletons. We bought some plain black sweats online and turned them into spooky skeleton outfits. I think they turned out awesome. They even glow! I hand cut a stencil and painted the bones for the boys. Then Kelly and I worked together to do our own. 
Hands down it was the best trick-or-treating year yet! Our evening began gathering with friends for pizza and some veggies prior to our candy-gathering frenzy. Jacob and Andrew friends also dressed up as skeletons, so they were a spooky little group.  They ran from house to house trick-or-treating for two hours. We even got in a hay ride and sipped hot chocolate.  The boys were so tired when all was said and done, they went right to bed. I had to wake them both up in the morning. Andrew is normally up before Kelly wakes up, but not this morning.  It was definitely a great Halloween. --Emily

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CJAllred said...

Those are some spooky-cool skeletons!