Monday, December 31, 2012

Lego Advent Calendar

Being a mom of two very active boys, I am constantly thinking of different ways to keep their brains active and bodies entertained. 
With that being said, this year's advent calendar was so fun to put together. I sewed 25 little bags. My friend Rebecca helped me with the #s. I then filled them with different Lego guys. I purchased the "Lego Advent" calendar and pulled it all apart. It basically was filled with guys. In my opinion it needed more active play. So we made:
Santa's work shop. . . 
chunky snow men. . . 
some ski slopes. 
One morning they had a fire to put out.
They even made a forest of Christmas trees. It was a Advent calendar success. The boys loved it! What the heck am I going to do next year? --Emily

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CJAllred said...

Wow! There is nothing that Lego doesn't have! Way to go, mom. That looks like a fun activity to look forward to each day. Awesom work, guys!