Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Jacob and I painted together today. This is something that is hardly ever done at our house. Jacob has never liked the feeling of finger painting, so I never pushed it! It sounds like such a huge disaster and I am not up for the extra clean-up project either. So after an amazing conversation with a friend, I have learned a couple of techniques that made this simple act of painting a Mommy no brain er. * I used masking tape and old magazines to cover the table. * I used washable paint. * For a kid like Jacob that doesn't like the feeling of paint on his hands we used brushes. * Jacob painted and had fun. * I then moved this projects to dry clean piece of scrap paper. * I simply role up the wet taped-down paper and like that we were all done and all cleaned up. This was so much fun for both of us today. We will try this again next week. --emily

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Leslie said...

glad the painting went so well. my kids love it but I hear you on the clean up part. we'll have to try the newspaper idea. We'll break out the paints sometimes but man it can turn messy fast! another idea too is to paint on freezer paper. it's wax coated on one side so no matter how wet their paper gets it doesn't leak through or tear the paper.