Sunday, December 21, 2008

The perfect storm

Last night we had an amazing wind storm. The weather people said that the wind was 50 to 70 miles an hour with gusts of 90 mile an hour winds. It was amazing! Our power went out about 10:00 pm sometime. So Kelly and I went to bed. The power came back on a few hours later to only go out again. I am so grateful that the power was on when we woke up. I had wrapped up the boys nice and warm before going to bed, but that was my big worry that the boys wouldn't be warm enough. We had stocked up on cookable power-out food and we have a gas fireplace so during the day we would be warm playing downstairs. A couple of years ago we had a big wind storm and the power was out for eight days. And after that experience we are better prepared! 
Here are a couple pictures of the aftermath!
In this picture the snow is wedged between our storm door and the main front door. The wind was blowing through the door into the house and I had to put down a towel to keep the snow off the floor. This isn't normally a drafty--door the wind was just so amazingly powerful. 
This is the view out our sliding back door. This morning Jacob said "it looks like the beach". He is absolutely right. It looks just like sand dunes at the beach. Not our whole yard looks this way. The wind piled the snow in the coves of our houses and yards. Currently it is still snowing and is still freezing outside. I guess there is no last minute Christmas shopping for me. The roads are a sheet of ice. Washington Never Gets Weather Like This. . . --emily


Sara said...

Oh my goodness, you weren't kidding. That's crazy! You have way more winter than we do!

Darci said...

The pictures of your snow drifts are crazy. This storm is definitely not the usual around here.