Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another Boy

Yesterday we added a new member to our family. I am not sure how it happened it was all so fast. The boys somehow convinced me to get a dog. He is a darling new member of our family. He is a Mini Australian Shepard. He is about 10 pounds and he is expected to total at 20 pounds. While we where picking him out, Kelly picked him up and they were so cute together I couldn't say no. 

Then Jacob said, "Are we going to get a dog or what?" 
What dog do you think we should get? 
"The one that dad is holding!" 
But Jacob he isn't black and white. 
"That is okay; he is cute." 

Jacob has been asking for a black and white dog for a while now. So I was shocked that he was okay with a brown dog with white spots so quickly. So we put the dog back in the pen so we could talk about buying him. Jacob says no mom we need to buy him. I explained that we had to put him back for a moment so we could talk to the people. He still wasn't quite sure why we put him back if we where going to buy him. So Jacob stood watch of his dog as we talked to the person about the dog. 

It was cute because people would come and look at the dog and say, "Oh that dog is so cute." And Jacob would say, "He is my dog and his name is Gordon." It was so cute! (Gordon is a Thomas the Train character). 

On the car ride home Jacob would randomly say things like "I can't wait to teach my dog how to play catch" or "Won't it be cute when Gordon sleeps in my bed". 
Here is our cute Gordon the wind was blowing his ears back. He has cute floppy ears. I will post more pictures as I get them. Gordon is harder to take a picture of that my Jacob. --emily


Colleen said...

Gordon is so adorable! He looks like a sweet puppy! Have fun!

monique said...

How cute!!! We keep talking about getting a dog, but chicken out. Jeremy would LOVE to get an australian shepard! He really likes them. Congrats on the new addition. He'll be fun!

Anonymous said...

Cute dog! Love the name! How sweet that Jacob wasn't going to let anyone else get Gordon at the pet store. GOOD LUCK!

Darci said...

How exciting! We have an Aussie too and they are great dogs. I like the idea of a mini one though. Have fun with puppyhood!

Jason and Wendy Pynn said...

Wow! Look at your daring and spontaneous nature. What a cute little puppy!

CJAllred said...

Gordon looks like a darling little dog. His name still cracks me up. Good job, Jacob!

Annette said...

Love the dog. Love the photos. Love you all.