Monday, February 16, 2009


Today because of the holiday Kelly didn't have to work. So as a family we went to the train Museum. We have never taken the boys before and we thought that today was a good day for it.
Jacob was so funny today. Recently he wants nothing to do with me 
taking pictures of him but today he was posing up a funny storm. 
Andrew has a rock in his mouth. 
You have to always be on your feet with these two. 
The yellow thing in Andrew hand is an egg-shaped shaker. 
Andrew likes to always have something in his hand. 
Andrew didn't want anyone to carry him. 
If  you tried, he would squeal and want to be put down. 
He wanted to walk on the tracks like everyone else. 
The ground was very uneven and there was a lot of falling.
More posing! If you look closely you will see the Thomas 
Jibbitz in his Crocs. Jacob Loves Thomas the train.
Jacob was feeding the totem pole pine cones. It was very funny!
Kelly and Andrew are hijacking this train. 
If you have seen them, please give them a ride home!
What a great day. 
To making fun new memories. --emily


Anonymous said...

A three boy paradise, what a fun day!

CJAllred said...

Trains are so fun! I'm glad you could do it together. Sometime I will send you my pictures from the train museum in York, England.

Darci said...

I'm sure your kids had a blast at with the trains. I have fond memories of rides on that train as a kid. Great pictures.