Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

On Halloween we celebrated Andrew's second birthday with friends and family. We had good doughnuts and cider instead of cake and ice cream. It was a fun time. Drew opened a few gifts before we ventured out for some trick or treating.
Here is a picture of the kids right before we headed out the door.
The weather was what we would expect for a Halloween evening, it was drizzly and chilly. The kids had a great time anyway. I love our community for holidays such as this. Our neighbors all get involved. The sidewalks are covered with kids and parents. It is such a fun sight! I enjoy saying Hi to neighbors and friends as we see them out with their kids. It is tradition for my parents to come over and pass out candy at our house so both Kelly and I can go out with the kids.
This year Kelly's mom and step dad joined us for this fun weekend.


manders said...

Happy late bday Andrew! Looks like it was fun. Glad you all had a great time on halloween. They look adorable

Hi! said...

Great picture; gouls, super heroes and princesses all having fun together, this could be a political statement! It was a fun night. Love momAKAgrandma