Thursday, February 18, 2010

Andrew's New Bed!

We've been thinking about transferring Andrew from his crib to a big bed for quite a while now, but since he never jumped out of his crib, we didn't want to rock the boat. If he woke up early in the morning, he'd just stay in his crib and play. That all changed this morning. Andrew appeared in our bedroom at 4 a.m. He had his blanket with him and was ready to cuddle in our bed. We took him back to his room, rocked him back to sleep, and put him in his crib. That didn't last very long, he jumped out and came right back to our room.

We decided we needed two things--a new big-boy bed for Andrew, and a lock for his door :) We have bunk beds in Jacob's room, but we want to keep Andrew in his own room for now. Emily went looking for a new toddler bed, but we didn't want to spend very much money. Emily walked into a second-hand store and asked if they have toddler beds. They didn't, but another customer in the store said that she had one she wanted to sell for $30. It turns out she lives in our neighborhood. So not only did we get a cute new bed for a great price, we made a new friend.

The boys were very helpful with taking the old crib down. Jacob is a wiz with the screw driver. He did most of the work taking out the screws. Andrew loves his new bed. He was so excited to have it. Emily made cute new bedding and a pillow case. She's so talented. She did it all in on afternoon. --Kelly
Andrew is posing for this picture. He looks asleep but he isn't.


CJAllred said...

It sounds like Emily was in the right place at the right time. How lucky was that. Those boys are so talented! Maybe with a new bed and new cute bedding Andrew will want to stay in bed all night.

Hi! said...

That Andrew takes after his mother! Emily you vaulted over the side of the crib before you were a year old. We didn't have adorable little beds that fit the crib mattress in the olden days, so we lowered the mattress as low as it would go and left the side down, so you could shimmy over the side of the crib. It worked. Just another amazing story about how you survived having us as parents! :) Drew's bed is so cute and he looks so cute pretending to sleep. Emily, the bedding is soooo cute! Great job!

lacey said...

CUTE!!! Go Andrew...what a big boy! I love the bedding too!! Go Siple Family

Leslie said...

How awesome! good idea on keeping them in their own rooms. our boys share (we have to) and I feel like I haven't slept in ages. either alex wakes up the baby or the other way around. Kelly your so sweet to recognize your wifes amazing talent!!