Friday, February 5, 2010

Who is celebrating today . . .

What a great couple of days I have had. Today I turned 31 and we have had a few fun days celebrating. On Wednesday my YW remembered and celebrated with me. We had cupcakes, brownies, gifts and cards. They are such amazing girls. I Love them so much. At their age I wasn't that thoughtful yet. Thank you girls! Then on Thursday, a couple of girl friends had me over to celebrate and chat 'till it was my actual birthday. It was late in the evening, almost morning by the time I got home. Thanks Thursday night friends. You are crazy! Today Kelly stayed home from work so we could celebrate all day. The boys let me sleep in. That was well needed. I woke up to a warm breakfast followed by cupcakes and gifts. Boy was I spoiled today. We went out for lunch so I didn't have to cook that meal either. The weather outside was awesome! We all jumped onto our bikes and road to our local Mexican restaurant. It was so warm we didn't need sweaters and I even wore flip flops for the first time this year. I am so grateful for my fun boys and their thoughtfulness. Thank you to everyone for making this such a great birthday. --emily

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Hi! said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a perfect week you had, so fun!