Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First time to the dentist

Jacob had his first dentist appointment today. I now realize we should have been to the dentist before today, but you live and learn, right? Jacob did a great job. Whenever Jacob gets nervous he becomes very quiet. The hygienist would ask Jacob questions, but he wouldn't reply to almost all of them.
I took Jacob to the same dentist that Kelly and I see. He is amazing! I had trouble with one of my teeth and he was the only dentist that was really able to fix it. We drive 40 minutes to see him, but it is worth the drive to see a good dentist. So, I trust him with our children's teeth.
Yes, Jacob had two cavities. We didn't always do a great job of brushing his teeth, and we don't have fluoride in our water. We're doing better about brushing now. Hopefully these will be the only cavities he ever gets. Jacob was a real trooper in the dentist's chair. He sat there nicely with his mouth open and didn't complain. We were proud of him. --emily


Colleen said...

What a brave boy, that can be scary/uncomfortable for the little guys. We have flouride in our water and we brush our kids teeth like crazy and they still get cavaties! Sometimes they are just going to get them, so don't feel like you allowed it to happen!

Hi! said...

I hope they let you keep those crazy glsses Jasob!
Nice job on sitting so still while you had cavities filled. You'll have to drink a glass of water every time you are at Grandma's house, our water is delicious and has flouride for your teeth. See you soon.
Love, momAKAgrandma

CJAllred said...

I'm so proud of you for being so big at the dental office today, Jacob. Did you know that I have been cleaning cute little boy's teeth for years? I tell the kids not to eat too much of that icky candy stuff. You can chew yummy grape-flavored fluoride tablets that help the teeth that are forming to grow really strong. Brush your teeth every morning after breakfast and every night before you go to bed. Have mom or dad help you get all the sugar bugs out of your teeth at night too. They can also gently slip some floss between your teeth to get those tricky sugar bugs out.

Jason and Wendy Pynn said...

I love how little the kids look in that dentist chair! They are so cute. I'm glad that his appt went well. Those dang cavaties. Hopefully the flouride tablets will help for future appointments.s