Sunday, March 14, 2010

Going to work with Dad

On Thursdays we have a speech therapist that has been coming into our home to work with Andrew. Our session a couple of weeks ago was miserable. Jacob was running around like a wild man trying to steal all the attention. That was making it impossible for the therapist to work with Andrew. Kelly offered to take Jacob to work with him this week so he wouldn't be a distraction at home. Jacob and Kelly both had a great time at work that day. Jacob attended all of Kelly's meeting with him. Yes, he tried to steal all the attention there too, but even Kelly's boss commented that Jacob did really well. Kelly took him to Starbucks in the morning for hot chocolate and an impromptu lunch meeting at McDonald's so he could get the true business experience. I had packed Jacob a backpack full of fun things to do for the day. I even made him a little security badge just like dad's. This was a once in a while thing but it made for the best speech therapy session yet. --emily


Hi! said...

Way to go Dad. Cool badge Mom, great idea.

Colleen said...

What a fun day with dad! LOVE the badge, very cute idea.

CJAllred said...

Ditto to everyone else. Wow, Jacob. I never got to go to work with MY dad! How special for you! Which did you like better, going to dad's meetings or doing activities from your backpack? (I hear it's not a good idea to take your kid to work with you if you are an air traffic controller--if you let your kid talk to the pilots.) Sounds like Kelly's workplace is pretty kid-friendly. :-)

Darci said...

How fun! That's pretty great that Kelly can take Jacob to work every once in a while. Cute badge!

Allison and Tim said...

So fun! What a fun day with dad

Shannon said...


We'd love to get together!

Sunday's we go to my parents for dinner, but you can just let them know which Sunday and not go that day.

What's best for you?

I can bring homemade french bread, or homemade rolls, or dessert, or a salad or all of the above. Let me know what you think. It would be so good to catch up on life!

Take Care! cute that Kelly took him to work. And what a cute mom to make him the fun badge!