Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Tree Cutting

This year I let the little boys pick out the Christmas tree all by themselves. Usually I try to steer them in the direction of the type of tree that I like, but this was their year. Momma said, "Okay boys pick out your favorite tree." And that was the tree that we bought and are going to decorate on Monday. It is a lot smaller of a tree than I would have picked and a little brownish in the middle, but I love it because my big boys picked it out!
After all the hard work of picking and cutting a tree, splashing and stomping through the mud. We were all a little frozen on the inside. So we all went in to pay and enjoy some cider, cookies, and candy canes of course. What a great weekend of tradition! The Christmas season is off to a great start. --emily


Leslie said...

Em You're awesome letting the boys pick!!! what a good mom.. man I miss those mountains!! BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

How cool that your tree came with it's own little snow angel. Love the first picture, I need a copy of that one and the boys with Santa, too cute. Nice job choosing a tree boys!
Love, momAKAgrandma

Colleen said...

I love cutting trees as a family, and I love that your boys chose the tree, and I love the pictures with the snow on the ground!

CJAllred said...

Great family activity. Another wonderful tradition you have for Jacob and Andrew to remember their whole lives. Can't wait to see the decorated tree!