Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Playing in the snow day 2

Today was an amazing day for sledding. The sun was shining; the snow had a perfect crunch from the cold evening prior. We all went up to the fields behind our house after lunch and spent about an hour sledding down the big hills. Kelly had to get back to work and Andrew was tired but Mr. Jacob wanted more so Jacob and I walked over to the smaller hills. We had an impromptu play date with some friends. The boys took turns riding the jump and also raced each other down the hill. Jacob spent the next hour and a half playing before he was tired enough to go home. What a great day to be a kid! --emily


Anonymous said...

What a great mom and dad to take the time to go sledding. Sounds like a perfect day. Great pic!
Love, momAKAgrandma

CJAllred said...

Kids can't get enough of sledding. Nice family activity. Great sky there. And cute little man in green.