Friday, January 21, 2011

Mornings With Dad

Our boys are morning people just like their Dad. They like to join in on the things he is doing in the morning. The other day all three of them were shaving in the master bathroom while I was still in bed. I am not a morning person. I woke up to giggling and laughing. There is nothing better than the laughter of my own children. What a cute little family I have. I am so grateful for healthy happy sons and a great husband! I am so blessed. --emily


Anonymous said...

Giggling is a wonderful "noise" to wake up to! They look so cute having fun with dad. You ARE a lucky girl! :)
Love, momAKAgrandma

CJAllred said...

It is so cute that the boys like to be just like their dad. And if they grow up to be just like dad, we will all be so happy. That is something to giggle about.