Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Sick Day

This has been our position science Sunday. The boys have had the pucky, throw ups. They haven't felt like eating much. I can't blame them. So because of this, they have been so lethargic and have not wanted to play much. We have been sitting in mom's bed watching movies and shows. Their new favorite show today was "Olivia." It is a darling show about a little girl pig. The only food they can keep down is bread and Gatorade, so I actually let them eat in mom's bed. Maybe tomorrow we will try some real food. Wish us luck that we can make it through the night without anyone throwing up tonight. We all need a good night sleep. --emily


Leslie said...

look at those poor boys! the look on their faces is like "will this ever end?" hope they are feeling better. what a good mommy you are letting them hang out in your bed!! mine have to park it on the slip covered couch. ps your mom said you have an amazing carpet cleaner!! Got grape juice puke off her new carpet!! you'll have to tell me what kind it is!!

Anonymous said...

Oh they look terrible, "green around the gills" what ever that means! Sorry it lasted longer than you expected, maybe their germs were morphing, eewww. You were really brave to let them be in your bed with the barfing and all. See you soon. Hope everyone is better now.
Love, momAKAgrandma

CJAllred said...

Oohh, poor little guys! They look so sad. I hope they are all better now. Being sick is the pits. My mom used to make "sick" toast for us when we were sick and we got to eat it in bed. That is toast that is cut from top to bottom in about four long strips.