Saturday, November 26, 2011

Andrew's Surgery

Andrew had surgery to remove his adenoids this week. adenoids: "A mound of tissue in the back of the nose that can become enlarged by infections and lead to narrowing of the airway." We had a week to prepped Andrew as best we could without freaking him out. Jacob picked out this stuffed owl for Andrew to take with him. The owl is Andrew's power animal.
The day of the surgery, Andrew was noticeably apprehensive.
All the medical staff was very helpful and so kid friendly. After Andrew was dressed in his surgery clothes, they brought in his oxygen mask and let him decorate it. They had a tackle box filled with stickers and yummy smelling chap sticks. Andrew picked out some stickers to decorate the outside of his mask. His stickers of choice were Sponge Bob and smiley stickers. He then picked out a chap stick flavor to line the inside of his mask with a pleasant smell. Andrew chose banana flavor, it was sweet and sugary smelling.

With that, he was ready for surgery. I carried him to the operating room as we walked with the surgeon and nurses. We pretended he was going back to a space port. The operating room did look like a space station. Andrew was really worried, but he was a good sport.

The surgery was successful. Andrew was really agitated when it was all over and couldn't wait to get the sensor off his finger and the IV out of his hand. He was grumpy for a couple of hours after the surgery. Jacob said, "He's really grumpy without his adenoids. When are they going to put them back?"

After a little rest, Andrew was back to his old sweet self. He was running around and playing with Jacob. We are thankful for our cute boys. --Kelly

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