Friday, April 20, 2012

Science Fair

Today Jacob participated in his first science fair. 
Jacob is showing his friend Will all about his science project, he was so proud of it it.
This is the picture collage Jacob and I put together. 
This is Jacob's write up. I asked him leading questions, but he typed it with spelling help: 

Home Made Lava Lamp
My mom and I looked on the computer to find a fun science experiment. We found this lava lamp. I thought it looked fun. So my mom and I went to Target to get what we needed. After we got home. I first washed out a pickle jar and filled it one third full of water. Then I added a few drops of blue food coloring.  I stirred it to make sure it was blue enough. Then I filled the rest of the jar with oil. A few minutes later after letting it separate and settle, I added an Alka-Seltzer this made it bubble like a lava lamp. I had a fun time learning something new.
Jacob Siple Mrs. Kinghorn AM Kindergarten 

What a fun day! --emily

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CJAllred said...

That looks like such a fun Science Experiment. Great Job!