Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Knocked Out

Jacob had his 2nd tooth knocked out today June 27th.
He lost his first one on June 18th.
It has been loose for a few days and today he decided he was ready to yank it out. He is so brave he wiggled it all day and then just tugged it out.
He now has a darling gappy smile with two less bottom teeth.
He looks so cute!
Last year I made each boy this zippered pouch intending it to be used as a boy tooth fairy pillow. It has little snap arms to attach to the bunk-bed and a zipper mouth for the tooth and loot! --emily


Katie Tyler said...

wow- that tooth pillow is pretty adorable! I am impressed! And who doesn't love a few little gaps in the smile? :)

Anonymous said...

Love pic #1, ha! Cute tooth fairy pillow!

CJAllred said...

Love the Tooth Pillow. Sooo darling! Love that cute gappy smile too!