Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Memorial Weekend Camping Extravaganza

 We went with a group of friends from our neighborhood on a camping adventure. This weekend took much planning but was so worth every moment of food gathering, list writing and bag packing. 
We camped on the cliffs, 
 saw "sleeping lady",
rode on horses for the first time as a family, and with friends,
 We dipped our feet in the cool river, 
and played in amazing glittery sand,
 Miss A had glittery hands,
 Kelly and Andrew explored,
 Jake ran from falling rocks,
 the kids found lizards,
 Andrew wore his silly face almost all weekend,

 we ate fantastic camping food,
rented kid powered go-carts,
played in dirt and with dogs all weekend.
This was our first time ever camping at a KOA, and let me say the amenities were fantastic. We were still in the dirt and making our own food. There was a fun modern community park the boys enjoyed played at. There was even a heated swimming pool. Firewood with delivery! A dish washing station, very clean bathroom individual showering rooms in case you do that while camping. Saturday was family tie-dyeing night. It was a great Weekend! --emily


Leslie said...

how fun!! that's looks amazing, and the boys looked like they had a blast!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing place, they had everything, all the extras that can't fit in a car since it's full of camping gear! Horses too. Those are some big rocks, I wonder if they were blown there from Mt Baker or is that a glacier field? Glad everyone had such a grand time.

CJAllred said...

WOW!! What a fabulous time you had. So many fun things to do. Everything from horses to go-carts and water to sparkly soil. I'm glad you had such a great holiday.