Thursday, January 8, 2009

As you drive through Old Down Town there is a train grave yard. As you can see, the tracks are all covered in water. If you look even closer you can see that the houses behind the trains are also flooded . So tragic!
Here is a street behind the tracks where the houses are all flooded.
Snoqualmie Falls: This is an amazing picture. Compare this to the old post I wrote about the falls after a big rain storm. They don't even compare! While we where there a huge tree was washed over the edge. 
Another picture of the tracks of Old Down Town and another house that is flooded.
*Our house is on a hill so we were not affected by all this water. We are cozy and warm counting our many blessings. --emily


Leslie said...

wow Emily that's crazy! glad you guys are doing alright! So did you make it to blockbuster? LOL

CJAllred said...

I am so glad you are on a hill and not having flooding problems at your house. Thank you for the report and all the pictures. That looks pretty scary. We have heard about all the snow and rain up there. Hopefully your heavy storms are over.
Hugs, Grandma Allred

Darci said...

Great, yet sad photos. I remember many floods from growing up there, but this is a bad one. I'm glad you are up high and dry.

CJAllred said...

And to think that Kimberly's family and their whole stake up in Idaho were praying for rain just a couple of months ago.