Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good Morning Brother

Jacob usually wakes up before Andrew in the morning. So Jacob and I will get up, get breakfast started, and shortly thereafter Andrew will wake up. This morning Jacob and I went to get Andrew out of his bed and all three of us snuggled in the rocking chair when Jacob said, "Mom Andrew Smells like a puppy". And sure enough Andrew's morning breath smelled just like puppy breath. Jacob: "Why does our brother smell like a puppy?" I am sure that in Jacob's head it is a toss up--Brother or Dog. He has been asking for a little white dog with spots for months. We had a good conversation about why we brush our teeth. It has been a very productive morning! --emily


Leslie said...

that's so funny! they wake up so happy!! what's your trick?

Darci said...

How cute. That is so funny that the smell make him think of puppies. Good luck holding off on getting a puppy.
I hope you are all safe and dry at your house.