Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Story time

Jacob loves to go to our library's story time! When it isn't snowing or raining outside we like to walk and get some fresh air. Today was a driving day because it was raining outside. 
As we got into the car Jacob said, "Mom we are supposed to walk." 
Mom: "When it is raining we drive."
Jacob: "But mom I like to walk."
Mom: "Maybe next week it won't be raining."
Jacob: "Mom it is always raining. We never get to walk anymore". 
It is cute to me that even at a young age, Jacob is getting the winter blues and wanting the sunshine to return. We all can't wait for summer! --emily 


CJAllred said...

It is so wonderful that you take advantage of all the fun things there are to do in your town. Storytime at the library sounds fun, entertaining, and educational. I would like to go there and read a childhood favorite book, "Ping."
Jacob looks like he is ten years old. Yikes! So when you grow up in the Northwest, if you wait for it to quit raining to go for a walk, you may never go for a walk. It's a good thing Jacob doesn't let that bother him.

Leslie said...

too cute! That's so fun it's close enough to walk to. We live a half mile from the church so in the summer we walk and the kids ride their bikes. We miss it too!! hang in there Jacob spring is almost here!!