Saturday, May 30, 2009


There are no pictures because upon my request and pulling the camera out and placing it with the gear, the camera was left at home. --emily
Last night Jacob and I went to our stake the father and son camp out at the Ensign ranch. It was Jacob's first experience camping and he seams to have had a great time. We car pooled with our friends the Gibsons. Once we where at the ranch we met up with more of our friends and we all set up camp together. We set up our tent in a clearing and got attacked by mosquitoes. Luckily our friends had bug spray. At night we went to a bonfire. Later we enjoyed roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. I made smores for the boys, but as I gave Jacob his smore he threw away the graham cracker and just ate the marshmallow and chocolate. We slept pretty well in our tent. We slept so well, we were the last ones to wake up. Jacob's only complaint about this experience was that the porta-potties smelled horrible. We're looking forward to camping again soon. --Kelly


Leslie said...

awesome I'm glad it went so well! I'm with Jacob the marshmallows and chocolate are the best parts of the smore.

CJAllred said...

Your first camping experience together! How cool is that!! I'm glad you both had a good time. It makes me want a s'more. Did your friends take any pictures?

Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun. I'm with Jacob about the porta-potties and for that matter the s'mores too, only you can have the marshmellow too and leave the chocolate thank you!
Too bad about the camera, this calls for a reinactment.