Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fear of Snakes

Today we met a friend at a local park to enjoy the sunshine. We where playing and having a great time. When all of the sudden a kid began to scream for their dad. I could see Drew and it didn't sound like Jake. But I couldn't find Jacob so I ran to the screeching that was unfamiliar. It was Jacob freaking out, yelling in panic, and frozen in place. He had a very large snake at his feet. It was a large gardner snake Kelly said it was about a foot and a half long and about three inches wide. I have never seen Jacob so freaked out. Jacob had big crocodile tears and he wouldn't let Kelly put him down for almost 15 minutes. Kelly's conclusion was the Jacob went to pick up a "stick" and the snake moved and caught Jake off guard. --emily


Leslie said...

oh that's so sad poor little guy!! give him an extra hug from me!!

Darci said...

Yeah, that would be a little scary. Thankfully we don't have dangerous snakes around here. I'm sure he'll be chasing after them trying to pick one up in no time. Well, maybe a few years.

CJAllred said...

That snake looks creepy! Jacob thought he was picking up a stick and it turned out to be a big snake? I'd scream too. Good thing you don't have dangerous snakes there. Poor Jake. Give him a hug for me.