Monday, May 25, 2009

Lunch Date

Kelly had to work today on this sunny Memorial Day, so the kids and I joined him for lunch. It was so much fun. There were hardly any people in Kelly's office. The kids had a blast exploring. I am sure Kelly's office was a disaster after we left. 
The boys enjoyed answering dad's phone.
Andrew is multi-tasking as dad often does, 
eating lunch and catching up on calls.
Andrew finding Jacob while playing hide & go seek in dad's office. --emily


Leslie said...

how fun! sorry he had to work that stinks!

Colleen said...

Way to make a holiday day special even when work calls!

CJAllred said...

I'm so sorry Kelly had to work on a sunny Holiday. I'm glad Emily, Jacob and Andrew got to go have fun at the office with him. It looks like the boys can entertain themselves anywhere!

Anonymous said...

So much fun. I have seen Kelly give the same "just a minute index finger" Jacob is exhibiting, pretty funny! Little mimics they are, and so darling.

Darci said...

Visits to dad's work are fun, even on a holiday. Your boys are so cute.