Monday, July 6, 2009

Bike Helmets

We went to our local fire station for FHE to be fitted for bike helemets. The boys have been wearing helemets that are not ideal for them. Andrew's was run over by the Jeep and I was able to pull it into a normal shape so he has been wearing it like that for a couple of weeks now. Jacob has been growing so fast that all of the sudden his helmet didn't fit him, so he has been wearing Kelly's. Also Jacob has had a thing about being asked a bazilion times to put his helemet on with threats of having to go back inside because he won't put it on. So when a friend told me that the fire station fits kids with the right helmet for inexpensive, I thought that might be my ticket to making the helmet a special thing. My hope was that Jacob would want to put it on every time without me nagging so much. When we returned home, Jacob was so excited to wear his helmet. So we went for a family bike ride, Jacob began to explane how his new helmet had made him so fast. Yeah, I hope this is the end of having to beg him to wear his helmet. We shall see! --emily


Leslie said...

awesome idea. we have the same battle going on over here. I should look into doing that.

love the new header by the way VERY cute!!

your a photo shop queen!! :)

Darci said...

What a great idea to get him excited about wearing his helmut. I didn't know the fire department did that.

Anonymous said...

Great solution mom! By the way, the perfect bike helmet does make you go faster! :)

CJAllred said...

Nothing like a fireman to make bike helmets cool.