Saturday, July 4, 2009

Celebrating Our Independence

Our day began with a kid bike parade. This was amazing. In our neighborhood we have so many kids. I would guess that there were 500 kids and parents that participated in the parade. We started at the school, looped through town and ended at our local field/park where the party began.
This cute old fire truck was at the end of the parade.
The community planned an amazing carnival funded by local businesses and churches. There where about 6 bouncy houses and a strap-in jumpy thing for the big kids (dads), pony rides, a petting zoo, free snow cones, cotton candy, drinks and other food. It was mind boggling to me to be at an event of this caliber and not be charged for anything.
Jacob loves a good bouncy house! This was a huge pirate house that Jacob picked to go through. There were sharks to weave through and a huge slide. As you can see, he had a great time.
Andrew enjoying some good cotton candy! Too much sugar for one little dude, but it was party day.
The big kid jumpy thing!
After a couple of hours of playing at the park we ventured home for some real food (lunch). Then as Andrew took a nap, we gathered our stuff for our next party. Our neighbor had invited us over for a BBQ and some evening fireworks. We are so lucky to have such amazing neighbors.
Kelly lighting snakes for the kids. This group of kids were great. They played so well together all evening. I don't think that there were any tears all night. They where all good listeners with the fireworks. They stood at a safe distance and had a fun time.
I Love this picture because for the past couple of years Jacob has been afraid of sparklers. When he was younger he burned his finger on a sparkler, and every year his great memory recalls this sad moment. This year he was a little hesitant, but look at him go. What a great year of fun friends, good food, and fireworks. -- emily


Darci said...

I can't believe the community throws a party like that for 'free'! How fun! I'm glad you enjoyed the holiday.

CJAllred said...

It looks like you had a fabulous 4th of July celebration. You live in a great community. It is fun to see the kids have so much to do and enjoy.

Hi! said...

What a perfect day!