Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beach Day

A friend of mine organized a great day at the beach where moms and their kids have a chance to enjoy the sunshine and water fun. What a great day! Here is Andrew showing you his plain jam sandwich. I think that is his way of saying, "Does anyone see anything wrong here? Can someone talk to this lady that calls herself my mom and tell her about a thing called peanutbutter?!"
Andrew hugging Jacob. He love to give hugs.
Andrew was luring the ducks in by feeing them cheese.
My guess was he wanted to give them a hug. Andrew loves to give hugs.
I am so grateful for my handsome boys!
I am such a lucky mom to have two heathy and happy boys to
look after and enjoy every day. --emily


CJAllred said...

It looks like you had a beautiful sunny day for a lovely day at the beach. We used to go to the zoo and feed the ducks our dry bread. That was fun. You are so lucky to have so many fun places to go for the day. It looks like the boys had a great day.

Jason and Wendy Pynn said...

What a great day at the beach!! These are the kinds of activities I am looking forward to (once my summer starts). :) It looks like your boys had a fun time.

Anonymous said...

Who needs peanut butter when you have homemade jam! I think he's saying, "See what my mom and I made, I picked the berries and mom made jam." What a great summer we are having, the best in memory, who cares if the grass in brown we're going swimming. Love you and those three darling boys.

Darci said...

How fun! The weather has been just perfect for beach going. Your boys are lucky to have such a fun mom.

Colleen said...

You guys have had such nice weather! I am glad you've gotten out to enjoy it and cool off!