Friday, August 21, 2009

Cat & Mouse

This last week my mom joined the boys and me on an Ikea adventure. There are so many fun thing there! Anyway, we were in the kids section and a stuffed animal caught Jacob's attention and he had to have it. So grandma offered to buy it for him because that is what grandmas do. But my mom, being the awesome person she is, had to make sure Drew had something also. So Drew and I browsed the stuffed animal section. They had dogs and alligators--all kids of fun animals but Drew had to have the mouse. So here they are--a cute little brotherly pair. The cat and the mouse! --emily


Anonymous said...

It was a grand day!
Love, momAKAgrandma

Darci said...

Ikea - I haven't set foot in there for years. I'm afraid of what I'll want to purchase, but I must go. I'm glad your boys found cute treasures.

CJAllred said...

Those brothers are really in sync.