Monday, August 3, 2009

Girls Camp 2009

This year I was asked to be a leader at the girls camp that I attended as a young woman. It was an amazing and fun opportunity. As a youth I had no idea how much work and planning went into an activity such as this. I know now! I spent many nights before camp crafting, making handouts, making bags, making beads, and so many of the little details that maybe only I noticed. Did I mention beads? When I was young we made beads to trade with our friends. I think I made 20 or so. When I was working on my beads prior to camp, I had asked an experienced leader how many I should make, and she said 80 to 100. I laughed because I thought she was joking. Not Joking! The girls are out of control. They trade with everyone. They run around in search of a bead to trade that they don't already have on their string. If you happen to have a cute bead, girls will come out of the woodwork and hunt you down to get one of your beads. It is crazy, but fun! I made 100 beads and I came home with 12 or so left over. Not too bad. It was a fun week filled with certifying, hiking, the climbing wall, the slip n' slide, river "screaming", pranks, making new friends, and knitting hats for babies. I was given so many great opportunities to love and serve. I hope that I am asked to join the amazing team of leaders next year! --emily 2009


Caesar Gonzales said...

Awesome!! your girls camp looks so fun! I bet your amazing with the YW. Your so fun and energetic. I'm sure your beads we're way cute! what did you do with your boys for a week?

ugh... ps this is leslie but I'm signed in as caesar again... oh well

Darci said...

Those girls were lucky to have you as a leader! How fun to go back after all these years. My mom said it made her feel really old to have you there as a leader. =)

Colleen said...

How fun to return to your old camp but on the other side of things! I know experiences at girls' camp are some of so many YW's favorite memories. And good luck to Kelly and the MBA! We've been down that road, it's long, but very fulfilling and rewarding!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that all of your hard work payed off in an awsome week of fun and spirituality. It is the hardest work you'll ever love. (Yes that thought is stollen, but works)I'm glad that all went well at camp and at home. Love You!